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Steamcon specializes in fast and reliable leak sealing service response throughout the Southeast.

A power or process leak means energy wasted, money lost, perhaps a safety hazard and unnecessary growing carbon footprint. When you call Steamcon you know that our service crews are located close to your facility for fast response anytime. Improve safety, prevent energy loss, save money and the environment. Seal leaks safely, quickly and effectively.

Steamcon Steam Leak SealingIf you use On-stream leak sealing you already enjoy the unique features and benefits that the process offers.

Steamcon’s accurate Energy Loss Surveys can be a key part of your Energy Cost Reduction Program.

As energy and environmental concerns become high profile, leak sealing is one of the quickest payback methods to a leaner, greener operation. It is a far less expensive and complicated alternative to an unplanned shut down to fix leaks.

As an eco-savvy manager you know that leaks expand at a rapid rate and require more and more fuel to create steam or product to feed them which in turn increases costs while expelling greater amounts of GHG’S (greenhouse gasses).

You may be less than satisfied however with the response, reliability, turnaround, seal life and pricing of your current suppliers and that is where Steamcon excels.

On-Stream Leak Sealing can prevent costly planned and unplanned outages. Our technicians can install and keep a custom designed tight seal far beyond the component repair or replacement cycle.

During off-line outages we can repack single or multiple valves in a fraction of the traditional time and cost. We will guarantee that if they leak they can be resealed on line at any time under full operating conditions.